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Video Power Technical Support

Weitek Corporation does not sell PC add-in cards to end users and is not set up to provide end user customer support. Please contact your computer vendor or board manufacturer for hardware and software support. Weitek provides baseline software to OEM's. They are available from this web site, as is, without technical support.

No Windows 95 drivers are being developed for the 5xxx series of video chips. Click on the following items to download the corresponding driver. Run all of these files with the -d option (ex: driver.exe -d), copy all files (except the file you are about to download) to a floppy, and run the install program under the appropriate operating system:

There is no technical support for these drivers!
There is no warranty for these drivers!
Weitek does not assume liability for incidental, indirect, or consequential damages or losses resulting from the installation or use of these products!

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