Intention of the project
PLASMA online started as a homepage project at plasma-online.de initiated by Christian Korner on Nov, 1st 1999. After three years of continuous growth in user sessions and bandwith we found weitek.com to be abandoned by their former owner Rockwell. We registered weitek.com to host original Weitek Corp content in the first way. Right now we intend to use weitek.com as a demonstration for support services we offer to companies in terms of hosting their web site as well as supporting their products with data sheets and drivers.
Information you find on these pages by the former Weitek Corp is retrieved from the free and public part of the Internet. You can find additional information by using search engines. In fact it is the usability that makes the feeling. Support this goal by sending email on how to improve this website. Also if you could not find your requested information please leave a message.

Area of responsibility
This applies to WEITEK online including webservices provided at weitek.com
According to 28 BDSG (german law) I contradict any commercial use / distribution of my data.

This website is part of the WWW and accordingly linked to external, permanently changing sites, which are not controlled by WEITEK. Links available at WEITEK are provided for convenience where most were checked at time of creation to not violate any laws and rules. However some links might no longer provide the intended content but will be kept to be used with online archives like www.archive.org. External links will open in a separate window to visualize you're leaving WEITEK.

Responsible person
Christian Korner
Hummelstrasse 13A
12623 Berlin
c.korner @ sbe-media.com

Journalistic-editorial responsibility
Christian Korner

Constituent for advertisements
SBE media arranges and orders advertisements for WEITEK. Most ads are provided by Google.
Advertisements are necessary to fund the free service of WEITEK. If you'd like to make a donation to this site you may use PayPal to transfer money free of charge. Just click the PayPal link below:

Trade mark right violations
If you suspect WEITEK to violatany of your trade mark rights, contact me immediately to find a remedy. Please note: Time consuming commissioning of a lawyer for dissuasion with costs for WEITEK is not within our actual or presumedly will.

If you're having trouble with correct display of content shown at WEITEK or external sites we provide the following links for your convenience: